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This stray dog’s health was in danger after giving birth, but a passerby saved her in time. Discover the story.
The situation that stray dogs have to live is completely tragic. Apart from not being able to meet their basic needs, they are exposed to a great deal of mistreatment.

In addition, the situation becomes much more distressing when it is a pregnant dog. This is due to the fact that because of the shortage she does not have optimal health or the necessary strength at the moment of giving birth.
In the same way, puppies can also be born in poor health while in the womb. They do not receive enough nutrients to develop as they should during pregnancy.
Despite these distressing circumstances, it is clear that mothers fight against adversity at all costs in their maternal instinct. As a result, they provide the best protection possible for their puppies despite the situation.

As demonstrated by a stray dog, who was in a pitiful state of health after bringing her puppies into the world. In this article we tell you all the details of this situation.
In India, a stray dog gave birth to beautiful puppies in the middle of some rubble. However, she was very ill because she never had the opportunity to get the necessary food to be prepared for that moment.
As a result, she had less and less strength to go on with her life. So much so that she even found it difficult to stand up and move around fluently.
Despite this stormy situation, she always wanted to make her puppies feel protected. For this reason, she hugged them between her paws to make sure that nothing bad would happen to them.

Also, to make it clear that she was willing to accompany them until the last moment. For, they were her priority and the only reason why, second by second, she kept looking for breath with insistence.
It was in this way that a guardian angel appeared in her path while she was living this battle against life. Therefore, he was able to help her get to safety and improve the quality of life of the puppies.
A passerby who was passing by the demolished building where the dog and her puppies were, noticed the distressing situation they were living in. Because of this, he decided to act in time to save them.
Consequently, she contacted the organization “Animal Aid Unlimited” and told them about the worrying condition of the mother and puppies. Thus, the shelter volunteers immediately arrived at the scene.
As a result of this timely intervention, the organization’s workers were able to take the dog and puppies to their veterinary hospital. The mother began to receive the necessary treatment to recover from such a complicated delivery.
For their part, the puppies were kept warm and benefited from their mother’s improved health. They were able to feed from her without any problem.

In this way, the mother and her puppies improved their quality of life considerably. This is because they began to have unconditional help that cared for all their care and protected their welfare.
In addition, the organization stated that its mission is not over yet. They are waiting for the puppies to be weaned so that they can sterilize the mother and avoid future complex births.
The shelter “Animal Aid Unlimited” saw in this case the opportunity to provide some necessary advice. Therefore, it began by saying that it is essential that passers-by always look carefully at demolished constructions.
This is because it is very common for many stray dogs to take refuge there. Also, to be away from situations that they consider threatening.
In conclusion, he conveyed to the people that it is important to denounce the cases of animals that are seen on the streets in time. We must inform them of the situation as soon as possible so we can intervene in time to save their lives.

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