This Little Bird Looks Like it Came Straight Out of Paradise

No one can ever get fed up of admiring nature. It is full of beautiful and amazing species and that is why many of us feel like taking recourse in nature in our moments of trepidation and disquiet.

A tranquil time in a place surrounded by tall trees, smiling flowers and chirping birds would always re-energize both your mind and body and that is why many doctors recommend a natural retreat for a lot of illnesses.

I am sure that you would be thrilled to read what we are going to share today because all nature lovers are undoubtfully in love with birds. If you are into bird watching you might have come across several species but the bird that I am going to write to you about might be unheard of and unseen as this bird is most commonly seen in the Himalayas, China, boreal forests and the Tian Shan.

Image Credit: Choldan Gasha

Image Credit: Imran Shah

This “White-browed Tit-Warbler” birds literally looks as if it came from paradise. It looks gorgeous with its striking plumage that takes all the colours of a rainbow and they are commonly known as tit-warblers.

Its belly looks slightly pinkish and the coat has a distinct purple colour. Tiny white or grey eyebrows can be seen but all these colours are more visible in the male species than in the female species.

Image Credit: mozaic_rewilding

Image Credit: Imran Shah

These tit-warblers are tiny and they are only 8.5 cm-10 cm lengthy. So, you have to be really observant to spot them as they can quickly move between branches. Bird specialists also identify them to be really polite as their chirping sounds just like ‘sirrrrrr’. You can spot them in pairs in the breeding season and at other times they usually stay as a group.

For some good reason, this species is not still included in the ‘threatened animal’ list. As they have very few local predators and because of their camouflage skin colour, they easily get concealed among trees and branches.

Image Credit: Jason Tiesman

Image Credit: Tropical Birding Tours

If you love bird watching, then do some research and try visiting these beautiful birdies as they are a species that you should observe at least once in your life.

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