120-Year-Old Cassius is Pushing Limit of Crocodile Longevity, He’s Still Growing

Marineland Crocodile Park on Green Island in Queensland, Australia, celebrated 120th birthday of Cassius, the world’s largest crocodile in captivity this week, reported ABC News. The nearly18-foot-long saltwater giant that holds the Guinness World Records for being the largest crocodile in the world has been living in at the park since 1987.

On the special day, park authorities treated Cassius to ultimate delicacies, including chicken and tuna, which happen to be among the favorite foods of the reptile.

When the crocodile was captured in a rope trap in the Finniss River on La Belle Station, 81 kilometres south-west of Darwin in 1984, he was between 30 and 80 years old, crocodile researcher Professor Graeme Webb told to ABC News.

“He’s quite possibly over a century — maybe 120 years,” he said.

“He was a big old gnarly crocodile then… crocs of that size are not normal. He was 16 feet, 10 inches with at least another 6 inches of tail missing and a bit of a snout missing”, he further said.

George Craig bought Cassius a few years after he was captured, and in 1987 transported him to Green Island, 28 kilometres offshore from Cairns.

Toody Scott, whose grandfather brought Cassius a few years after he was captured, and transported him to Green Island, 28 kilometres offshore from Cairns in 1987, said the estimated age of 120 years was based on international research on large reptiles.

Despite his old age, Cassius is amongst the liveliest and most engaging reptiles at the park.

”Generally, the big old reptiles tend to sort of be pretty docile and disinterested. Cassius is always up for interaction. He’s one of our liveliest crocs and very engaging. Anytime he sees you, he wants to come and say g’day and his eyes light up,” Scott said to ABC News.

The 93-year-old’s grandson, Toody Scott, is now a crocodile keeper where Cassius lives.

Will Cassius last another 120 years?

“I’d like to think he’s got a few more years left in him,” Mr Scott said.

“The best way to a crocodile’s heart is his stomach and I’m sure he’d love to make a meal of every single one of us.”

And what’s in the birthday cake? A big tuna or a chicken are Cassius’s favourite treats.

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