Wild Bear makes himself Comfortable at Home Lounging on Couch and Posing like a Human

Perhaps one of the things people find fascinating about wild animals is their ability to make light of things — and when a wild bear spotted a cushy thing at a garbage dump, it looked like the perfect place to have a seat.

Mandy Stantic and her family were driving around Lac Brochet in northern Manitoba, Canada, last spring to see if they could catch a glimpse of the bears that make their home there, when she did a double take: A wild bear was sitting upright, perfectly at ease, on a discarded couch.

“It’s all forest surrounding the dump for hundreds of miles,” Stantic told The Dodo.

Bear Makes Himself At Home Lounging On Couch Someone Threw Out - The Dodo

“There’s more than enough to eat for them, but the berries aren’t out yet in the spring and garbage is easy pickings so that’s why they all congregate there.”

As Stantic and her family observed the bears from their car, the old adage became clear — that one person’s trash became another’s treasure.

Bear Makes Himself At Home Lounging On Couch Someone Threw Out - The Dodo

“I guess this particular bear had eaten his fill and was ready to relax on the couch,” Stantic said. “All he needed was some popcorn and Netflix.”

Stantic snapped some photos of the lounging bear before moving on her way, but she’ll never forget that moment. “He was posing just like a human … [it] was pretty unusual and unique,” she said.

Bear hanging out on the couch- his home is a dump. : r/bearsdoinghumanthings

Not all animals make such creative use of our garbage — some can be hurt or killed by it. For smart ways of cutting down on your trash, check out these tips.

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