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A dog named Kuno, who went beyond his duties by putting his life on the line for soldiers, is the protagonist of this story of a hero with wagging tails and covered in fur. He created an incredible account by going beyond his duties and risking his life to save the soldiers. British Military awarded the Dickin Medal to him as the highest decoration for his actions that went beyond the call of duty. No one is more deserving of receiving it than he.

Kuno’s Sacrifice Kuno had a number of successful missions. However, the last one was most important. During a raid on an al-Qaeda base, he assisted British forces. However, something unexpected happened. The machine gun-wielding invaders quickly surrounded British soldiers. Seeing his human companions trapped, Kuno soon decided to save them.

The insurgents shot grenades and machine guns at Sherrain Reber, causing the force to be pinned down and unable to move. Kuno saw that, and he did not hesitate to leap through a hail of bullets and break the attacker’s plan. The mission was completed. Kuno was seriously wounded as a result of the process of saving his soldiers. To be more specific, his back legs were filled with bullet wounds, and he was treated at the U.S. Army Veterinary Treatment Facility.

After Kuno’s paw was cut, he had to wear a brace on one side and a prosthetic on the other side.Kuno is now wearing a brace on one side and a prosthetic on the other as a result of the injury. In 2016, Kuno became the first U.K. Military Working Dog with a prosthetic leg. After retiring, he has been adopted by a loving family. As a result, Kuno now has time to play whatever he wants. He can now live as a dog in a life of love.

He became the 72nd animal to receive the Dickin Medal since the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) established it. The other 71 animals awarded the medal include 35 dogs, 32 WW2 messenger pigeons, four horses, and one cat.
In a statement from the British defense secretary, Ben Wallace said that Kuno deserves the Dickin Medal for his bravery. She added that the medal is a big recognition of their military dogs’ role both domestically and internationally. Throughout the story, we are reminded that these animals were there to keep us safe.
Enfin, he’s having a wonderful time in retirement with his family. He deserved a happy retirement. His dedication, sacrifice, and courage will never be forgotten!

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