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We’ve been there before: Bummed out, feeling blue, flailing helplessly on our shells of dense rib bone. But then a friend happens along, and like a blast of sunlight through dark clouds, our day gets a little brighter.

In this video, one kind tortoise nudges his floundering friend: And wedges himself under his stuck buddy.

Then heaves the hapless tortoise up, up, up, until …

Watch a Tortoise Rescue Another in Distress—Was It Trying to Help?

… the graceful landing. And the crowd goes wild! (They’re shouting “jia you!”, along the lines of “Go! Go! Go!”)

Check out the whole thing here:

This tortoise version of bros before woes took place in Taipei, Taiwan, and according to the translation of the YouTube video description: “Animals have compassion, too – encountering a flipped turtle by chance, the turtle’s companion comes to his rescue.”

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That this tortoise understood his friend needed rescuing is not an implausible idea. Though scientists are still trying to decipher the sounds turtles make, shelled reptiles are certainly capable of social communication.

Desert tortoises, for example, let out a variety of noises like hisses and “poinks,” which may be distress calls.

Tortoise Helps His Friend Who Got Turned Over - YouTube

And it’s not the first time a tortoise has come to his friend’s aid, either. (Though this guy takes his sweet, turtle-y time):

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To all those kind turtles who’ve answered our distress calls, a million thanks.

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