Cheerful Elephant Hugs Woman with Trunk full of Mud, Plays together Like Mother with her Calf

Elephants are among the most adorable, affectionate, and intelligent animals. Even when they had a tough start, it doesn’t affect their ability to love. If they grow up in love and care of humans, they will certainly be the sweetest creatures on the planet.

Faa Mai the 9-year-old elephant in this story is an example. The playful and lovely girl builds a strong bond with her human, Lek Chailert, the founder of Elephant Nature Park (ENP).

Faa Mai was born and grows up at the sanctuary. Her mother, Mae Bua Tong was rescued from the tourism industry and released at ENP in 2005. She was forced to carry tourists up and down the mountain eight times a day. Thankfully, she was set free and enjoyed relaxing days at the sanctuary.

Faa Mai has a special relationship with Chailert and is fond of her cuddles and lullaby. The elephant doesn’t let her favorite friend out of sight – or her grasp.

And this time, the cheerful animal was playing in the mud when she spotted her friend. Could you guess what she does? She happily came over to hug her human with a trunk full of mud. And the result was Chailert’s hair and face were covered in mud.

Chailert I had to go down to the nearby river to wash up. But the funny thing is Faa Mai didn’t want to let her go. The playful elephant followed her friend into the river and stroked her with her trunk. Chailert ended up getting mud all over her body.

When Chailert stepped out of the river, the elephant threw her out of the river the same way a mother would her calf. Faa Mai was constantly checking to make sure her human was safe. She acted as a big sister and a caring and protective mother. Who could stay mad with this sweet huge creature?


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